Free Creator Pass

A handful of Creator Passes have been reserved for qualified Creators eager to engage with our partners and learn more about the Creator Economy.

Before applying for a complimentary Creator Pass, please read the below guidance.

Why are we validating Creators?

To ensure fair distribution of our limited complimentary Creator passes, we thoroughly vet each application via our partner Modash.

This validation process helps us guarantee that our complimentary passes are allocated to Creators who are actively engaged, show potential for growth, adhere to regulatory standards, and align with our brand partners’ objectives.

Who are we looking for?

To qualify, applicants must be at least 18 years old and ideally have a follower count exceeding 10,000, coupled with high engagement rates. Additionally, their follower base should closely align with the interests of the brands participating in our event.

We are eager to collaborate with a diverse range of creators using a variety of platforms from multiple countries, and sectors.

What is Modash?

Modash is an influencer marketing tool for finding, analyzing, tracking, and paying creators. Thousands of globally loved brands use Modash every day to run their campaigns. Modash’s ultimate mission is to help every creator make a living doing what they love.  They do that by building features that help everyone win. A win for brands, a win for creators, and a win for the audiences that watch them.

Key metrics we may take into consideration:

  1. Growth rate
  2. Fake follower rate
  3. Follower location
  4. Engagement rate (likes/views)
  5. #Ad and regulatory compliance
  6. Previous brand partnership performance


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