456 Growth

456 Growth is a service-focused solution for performance-based influencer marketing, comprising three cohesive entities.

456 Growth Media assists growing brands in defining and reaching target markets through innovative and tested influencer and internet marketing strategies. Our holistic approach employs a data-focused lens, leveraging social media audiences, content, and likeness to achieve brand benchmarks.

456 Growth Talent specializes in identifying and nurturing the next wave of the creator economy through innovation and education. With over a decade of experience in talent management, our agency seamlessly positions creators with the tools needed to sustain and capitalize on the rapidly evolving industry. We provide solutions that empower creators to build, strengthen, and grow their audiences for prime monetization.

456 Growth Investments is a venture capital firm that identifies and supports startups, disruptors, and innovative brands poised for high growth in the digital space. We invest in and provide sweat equity solutions for emerging categories such as CPG, DTC, Creator Economy Tech, and online consumer behavior.


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