The Shelf

The Shelf is an influencer marketing creative + strategy agency that creates ROI-driven, influencer campaigns to help brands create and leverage meaningful touchpoints at every stage of the purchase process.

We use…Data… The Shelf platform aggregates key data on social media influencers – from brand affinities to their most influential verticals. We can identify the best influencers for client campaigns, plus manage and optimize campaigns right from our platform.

Storytelling… The Shelf builds campaigns by partnering brands with amazing storytellers who craft brand messages around super creative content that resonate with audiences.

Relationships… Since 2014, The Shelf has built relationships with thousands of influencers who’ll respond to our AMs even if the only thing they receive is a, “Hey, babe…”

The Shelf team is made up of strategists, account managers, brand partnership managers, content strategists, and marketing geeks who are experts at building influencer marketing campaigns for innovative brands.


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