I'm a Creator focused on building brand partnerships, staying ahead of trends, and expanding the reach of my content

Join us at CreatorFest – the premier event dedicated to Creators and Influencers eager to broaden their horizons, refine their skills and establish meaningful collaborations.

Enhance your professional toolkit with expert-led sessions that delve into crucial topics such as navigating contract negotiations, crafting compelling storyboards, and demystifying the algorithms of major platforms to maximize the reach and impact of your content.

Don’t miss this chance to turn a single conversation into a game-changing opportunity at CreatorFest!


Our Zones

The festival is anchored by three carefully curated zones designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our attendees.

Creator Zone

Shaping Creators into savvy Entrepreneurs

For Creators, CreatorFest is designed to turn creative minds into smart business owners. We’ve gathered the best tools, mentors, and strategies for making, sharing, and growing your personal brand and creator-led products.

In our Creator Zone, you’ll meet the platforms but also discover partners who offer the chance to turn what you love doing into a successful business and meet others who think just like you.

Who you could meet:

Brands Seeking Collaborations, Hardware & Software Partners, Legal & Compliance, Business Growth Partners, Gen AI Tools, Creator Tools, Platforms, Talent Agencies, Brands & Brand Consultants.

Who is it for?

Creators, Youtubers, Podcasters, Talent Managers, Influencers, TikTok Creators, Community Specialists and Brands Seeking Creator Collaborations.

Find out more about the other zones:

Brand Zone

Leveraging the Creator Economy to scale and grow

Tomorrow’s Influence

Embracing AI and the future of the Creator Economy

Our Stages

The Creator Stage

Are you a content creator seeking insights and inspiration? Are you looking to connect with your audience, produce top-notch content, leverage generative AI tools, and foster fruitful brand collaborations? Look no further!

The Creator Stage offers an enriching mix of panels and speeches from creators and entrepreneurs.

This includes expert-led sessions on navigating contract negotiations, crafting compelling storyboards, and demystifying the algorithms of major platforms to maximize your content’s reach and impact.

Find out more about the other stages:

Brand Amplifiers Stage

For: Brands, D2C, Retailers, Agencies

The Big Picture Stage

For Strategists, CMOs, Agencies

Why Attend?

CreatorFest is the premier destination for brands and creators eager to dive deep into the heart of the creator economy, offering a rich tapestry of inspiration, collaboration, and strategic growth through an extensive program of educational sessions and networking opportunities.

Be Inspired

Learn from peers including creators, agencies, and brands as they unveil their success stories and strategies for amplifying influencer marketing efforts.

Absorb actionable insights that can elevate your collaborations and campaigns to new heights.

Scale Smartly

Whether you are an SME, D2C brand or large corporations – CreatorFest provides invaluable advice across all stages and zones.

Learn about crisis management, influencer selection, fraud prevention, and how to scale your initiatives efficiently with a strategic creator partnership approach.


Through structured meet-ups, innovative event app and immersive zones designed to encourage meetings and interaction.

Brands and top-tier creators, along with their managers, will find a wide range of opportunities to secure brand partnerships and collabs.

Meet Your Tribe

Connect with pioneers and thought leaders within the creator economy.

Share ideas and meet with your tribe – creators, agencies and brands who love what they do, just like you!

Who Is the Event for?


YouTubers, Streamers, Influencers, Podcasters, TikTok Creators –  Meet your tribe and scale up your content.


Retailers, eCom, Lifestyle, FMCG, DTC Brands – Increase market share and scale profitable influencer campaigns.

Agencies & Services

Agencies, managers, advisory, professional services – Secure collaborations, reach brands and creators with your proposition.

Tech & Tools

SaaS, AI, Creator tools, equipment – Reach a highly targeted audience seeking your products and services.

Who Could You Meet?

Companies that have attended our events include:

What the Community Are Saying

“It's so important to give creators a platform to speak directly to the industry. The Creator Stage at CreatorFest is going to open up a really great opportunity for them to take centre stage. Having creators come to this event and give those insights that brands just don't get the ability to hear directly from them is so important. There's too much of a disconnect and I think that CreatorFest will definitely help to close that.”
Beckii Flint
Director & Co-Founder of Pepper Agency
“It feels to me like the Creator industry needs an event that focuses on the Creator. Because without the Creator, there is no economy.”
Jamie Spafford
Co-Founder and Content Creator at Sorted Food
“There are millions of creators out there that make money. So CreatorFest is an opportunity to actually meet them in person and have that human connection which is incredibly valuable. There seems to be a bit of a divide between what a 9-5 corporate employee does and the life of a creator, it's a unique opportunity to actually connect and discuss how we can work together.”
Victoria Blinova
Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube

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